Program management (Federation / Association / Initiative / Brand company)

Program management : We assist clients by managing on their behalf an audit, compliance or monitoring program from beginning to end including all contracting, 
administration (except financial transactions), allocation, Quality Assurance and performance review.

Independent Fourth-Party Quality Assurance (I4QA) : We help our clients with the integrity and quality control of audit, compliance or performance reports by Third- or Second-Party audit or certification companies.

Program review : We support our clients with the review and/or benchmarking of any code, code implementation, monitoring and program impact using a variety of data analytics, comparative analysis and stakeholder interviews. Implementation mechanism and code/legal interpretation can be delivered to existing clients on a request basis. 

Capability building : We assist clients in building their human capital capacity in content, process thinking and management. Different methodologies are used from remote to in person workshop catered to audience, language, starting level and always focused on applied knowledge using adult learning processes.

Implementation assistance : We partner with our clients to implement within their business DNA and processes the most effective and efficient way of fulfilling own and external requirements ranging from compliance and client requirements to goal achievement on performance.