Site Support (factory / farm / service center)


Performance Improvement : We assist clients in systemic improvement of their responsible business performance, through a variety of techniques and tools specifically adapted for the seize and nature of the site driving High Performing Organizational Excellence.

Process efficiency : We help our clients review the organizational DNA and processes in line their goals to determine and help implement the most efficient and effective way to run their business.

Worker-Management Dialogue : We support our clients in building capability for effective Worker-Management Dialogue, leading to Workplace of Choice and continuous improvement of operations and empowerment of employees (workers).

Compliance management and systems: We assist clients in the preparation and, if needed, the systemic remediation (root cause systems driven approach) with a variety of compliance standards such Codes of Conduct, initiative compliance codes, ISO standards, Global Security Verification (GSV), ...

Capital optimization: We partner with our clients to optimize their business capital allocation. This can be used as a basis for strategy, investment or system evaluations. The tools used are set in the context of the size and nature of the business and the scoped evaluation, and include Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA), Return on Investment (ROI), Return on Resources (ROR), Six Capitals (6C)